General condition

General terms
The renter must meet the following requirements:
Held a full, valid driving licence for at least three years. Minimum eligible age is 25 years old.
Documents required: ID card, passport 
Term of the lease:
Rental period is 24 hours minimum. In case you use the car and return it late without prior notice after completion of the agreed usage time, the payment shall increase by the following amounts -  1-4 hours - rent for half a day; more than 4 hours - rent for all day use.
Terms of deposit and payment
We are the only one company in Bulgaria who dont need a deposit.

  • Insurance - The insurance is valid upon presentation of a document issued by the Police for damage / theft.  Documents and car keys should be returned unconditionally. The insurance does not cover drivers who use of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances, and in violation of the law on road traffic. Damage to wheels, tyres, windows, chassis, interior, exterior and scratches incurred whilst the car is parked is not covered.
  • FULL COVER Insurance – Cover parking scratches, damage to tires, wheels, windows and undercarriage.
Please, note the following:
Insurance (Casco) Cover completely relieves the customer from liability, but does not remove the requirement to present a report drawn up by the Police.  If customer does not provide the necessary documentation from the Police for a traffic accident, he pays fully the amount of damages. If the customer does not provide the necessary documentation from the Police for theft or total damage, he takes full responsibility and is obliged to pay the full insured value of the vehicle. The above insurance does not provide any cover for partial theft, loss of parts or accessories.
Loss of documents is chargeable, the fee is 200 € (loss of panel for cassette or CD and switches is also chargeable).
The above insurance does not, in any instance, free the customer from liability for damage to the interior of the vehicle (trim, dashboard, seats and other).
the tank returns as it was when hiring.
One-way rentals:
If the rented vehicle is returned to another city, an additional charge may be incurred.
With prior notice the vehicle can be delivered to another city,an additional charge may be incurred.
It is not permitted without prior arrangement and power of attorney for vehicles of "Speed ​​rent a car. to be taken abroad.
Optional accessories:
 Snow chains, GPS navigation system - are charged for by the day.
Child seat - free
Exceptional circumstances:
Renting / returning vehicle outside working hours, as stated, is charged once at the rate of 0-10-20 €. (Working hours: from 9:00 to 21:00 daily).
If the vehicle is returned earlier than specified in the contract period, the lessor is not obliged to refund the prepaid amount for rent.
If the customer wishes to extend the period of rental whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession, 24 hours’ notice must be provided by the lessee, before expiry of the rental contract.
Rents outside the country:
Rental of a car abroad is permitted on request.   A one-off fee of 80.00€ to 100.00€ will be charged depending on the class of the rental car.  Double the deposit must be paid.  Some destinations are prohibited.
Conditions surrounding cancellation / rebooking:
If there is an impossibility for the client to be on the date of  his reservation,he must inform the renter 24 hours before..
Up to 24 hours before the rental period requested, reservations can be amended.
In case the Lessee does not appear within 12 hours of the agreed time of reservation, the car will be give to another client.
If the reserved car is not available, replacement with alternative automobile of the same or higher class is possible without payment of additional amounts. In the absence of the possibility for providing an alternative car, the renterier must inform the client 24 hours before his reservation.The rentier does not owe any penalties to the client for cancelled reserervation.

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